American Iris Society
Region 9 - Illinois

            Sangamon Valley Iris Society (SVIS) Yearly Schedule 2017
                                    (As of December 27, 2016)

February 24, 2017     Iris Show Planning Meeting, Rochester Community Center
March 24, 2017         To be determined,  Rochester Community Center
April 8, 2017             Region 9 Spring meeting and potluck, Pekin, Illinois
April 28, 2017           Preparing Irises for the Iris Show,
                              Rochester Community Center
May 13, 2017         SVIS Iris Show, Washington Park Botanical Gardens
                                  Springfield, IL  12-4PM
May 23-27, 2017  American Iris Society National Convention,
                                 Des Moines,  Iowa                                                    
July 29, 2017
       SVIS Public Iris Sale, Washington Park
                           Botanical Garden 1-4PM Springfield, IL
August 25, 2017    SVIS Member
Auction, Rochester Community Center
September 22, 2017      To be determined, Rochester Community Center
  Possible Speakers:
Chuck Bunnell, Hooker & Bonnie Nichols, Steve Poole, Margaret Kelly
October 27, 2017         Planning for 2018, Rochester Community Center             

Officers of Sangamon Valley Iris Society
President: Debra Miller          Vice President: Vince Long
Secretary: Janet Long              Treasurer:  Dave Miller